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Hot Water - Continuuous flow

Cont-FlowContinuous Flow Hot water systems are great for all applications, whether there is very little use or ten people have back to back showers you will never run out and you only pay for what you use. When you turn the hot water tap on cold water passes through the units heat exchanger. This turns on the gas burner and heats the water in the heat exchanger, in turn delivering you hot water. As soon as you turn the tap off the burner turns off. As an option you can also fit controllers, this allows you to type in the temperature you want, open the hot tap only and have the desired water temperature at your tap.

Hot water - Electric Systems

We also supply and install all electric hot water systems, this is often the cheapest way to replace your existing hot water system.

Price is not the only benefit of electric hot water systems they also come in a large range of sizes, which is important depending on different demands and physical size can be important if the unit has to go in a tight location such as a cupboard.

Storage Tanks

Storage TankStorage tanks are a cost effective way to replace your existing Hot water with an efficient method of heating your water.

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